Flexitherm Australia
At Flexitherm Australia we produce high quality preformed thermoplastic in large flexible sheets or rolls, ready to cut to order and transport to your business.
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Flexitherm Australia

At Flexitherm Australia we produce high quality preformed thermoplastic in large flexible sheets or rolls, ready to cut to order and transport to your business.

We produce a variety of road marking symbols and signs, made by the most exacting chemical science available today to ensure long life, durable and easy to install sign products. These can be used not only for road line marking, pedestrian crossings and road symbols, but also in car parks and for logo designs.

Preform Thermoplastic road marking materials combine convenience of application with the ultra high performance qualities of hot applied thermoplastics


Flexitherm is a preform thermoplastic modified to an exacting standard to allow for both summer and winter conditions. It has been designed to be applied to all asphaltic and concrete surfaces with only the use of a gas torch. It also can be applied to non asphaltic surfaces with the application of Flexitherm primer systems in conjunction with the gas torch.


Preform is available in an extensive range of sizes, shapes and colours including standard Linemarking colours and widths. Standard horizontal single and multi-coloured highway symbols and or including sports and company logos.



Highly flexible designed to allow for ease of application during extremes in climatic conditions.


Massively improved resistance to water, motor oil, detergents, solvents and UV light.


Non-slip and skid resistant finish. Conforms to RMS3357 and AS/NZS4049.2 standards.


Made, cut and packed in our Australian factory.


Quick and easy to apply, minimal training required.


Environmentally friendly biodegradable and recycled packaging.


Flexitherm preform requires no expensive application equipment.

Precision shapes and forms due to the manufacturing process.

All colours available in rolls, letters, numbers, symbols and other multi-coloured designs.

Traffic lanes and services can be returned vehicular and pedestrians movements within minutes.

Long life.

Flexitherm preform includes high index glass beads for optimum high retro reflectivity.

RLC = Relative Life Cost

About Us

Flexitherm was conceived due to our work in the Line Marking industry. Whist talking to an RTA Engineer on an RTA site in 1991 he commented on the inferior quality of the preform product we were using because just about every box we opened the pieces were shattered. He suggested that we should look into the product formulas and consider “Making it ourselves”, a very poignant statement, and this is how we evolved into the pre form manufacturing business.

After 6 months of intensive research we began talks with a Chemical Engineer whom had worked in the industry for many years to engineer the formula for us to make the product in our own factory. After 2-3 more years of trails, tribulations, many chemical formula’s, wasted time, money and materials we finally have the product we make today.

Some years ago we started to engineer large automated equipment that would produce the final product and manufacture to exacting specifications. We stand today in the finality of that evolution with a successful outcome. This new machine has taken us to a new level of quality and productivity.

This in our opinion, and that of many of our clients, is now a market leading product.

Contact Us

Our office can supply your business with an up-to-date price list on our Flexitherm preform thermoplastic products, or a quote for government or commercial projects. Contact us today and one of our team will guide you through everything you need to know.

Phone: 02 9999 6453

Email: sales@gevekomarkings.com.au

Address: 15 Saltspray Close Redhead, NSW 2290